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It continues to be a very interesting and challenging time for all of us, and with the changing of the seasons and a definite change in the weather, there have been a few other changes to note too:

Councillor Terry Eyles has recently stood down from the council after many years of sterling service. We were pleased to be able to provide a tribute to him which was published in the local press, but for those who did not see it, I’ve included it here:

“After nearly 30 years of outstanding service for Pewsey Parish Council Terry Eyles has had to stand down for health reasons.

Terry`s first Full Council Meeting was May 1991 and before long he was deeply involved, especially with environment issues, taking over as Chairman of the Environment Committee in 2005, a post he held until this week.

In addition to the Parish Council, Terry also served on various Social Housing Committees, in particular Aster Housing, speaking on behalf of local tenants. He also helped run a Youth Club in Pewsey for many years.

Terry remains a trustee of the “Pewsey Relief In Need “Charity.

We will all miss Terry and sincerely hope that he returns to better health in the not too distant future so that he is able to get back to enjoying some of his other interests including Fishing, Speedway, Rugby, Football and Cricket.”

The Parish Council would also like to pay tribute to the PCCA volunteers for all their hard work on behalf of our Community. Whilst few of the councillors were able to assist in a practical, hands-on way (due to shielding and self-isolating requirements) the Parish Council provided help from the very earliest stage through grants, banking services and financial management support. For example, until recently we administered PCCA finances on their behalf through the auspices of our Parish Bank Account. We believe this partnership working to have been an important factor in the undoubted effectiveness of the PCCA response to date. PCCA are now in the process of morphing   into a charity, with their own bank account and administration and also a new name, “Pewsey Creative Community Alliance.”  Given the latest government predictions that current restrictions will remain in place for the next 6 months, we will continue to offer support to the PCCA to help maintain some of their valuable services.

Congratulations to our Firemen who set off on the night of Friday 18th September to walk to Christchurch, following the route taken many years by a group of Pewsey men who rowed their boats along the Avon River. Despite having to end their trip three miles from the finish, they managed to raise over £1500 for Carnival Funds (including a donation of £500 from the Parish Council) and are to be congratulated on their tremendous effort.

As mentioned in previous updates, the Parish Council has taken on responsibility for a number of services previously provided from Wiltshire Council and our Environment Committee management of these services continues to evolve. New schedules are in place for such things as the emptying of litter bins, grass cutting, hedge trimming etc and we are beginning to see visible improvements. We will be monitoring our arrangements on an ongoing basis, but also welcome comments on Facebook or direct to our office. Another aspect of our environmental responsibilities is the taking on of extra play areas previously managed by Wiltshire Council, and very shortly we hope you will see improvements to the grass area/trees  alongside Silver Road play area, and extensive maintenance/overhaul of the equipment in Cossors play area.

Finally, we recently received the news that our GP surgery will not be providing flu vaccinations locally in Pewsey; these will take place at Marlborough College. We are given to understand that everyone eligible for a Flu vaccination this year will receive a letter to explain the changes. Whilst basing the service centrally for all patients in the Kennet and Avon Partnership (which covers a very wide area) might have made sense from a logistical point of view, your Parish Council are extremely disappointed that they were not approached for assistance/suggestions in this matter.

Curly Haskell


Pewsey Parish Council

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