Chairman’s Spring Blog 2020

As I write this Blog, we are in the midst of the Covid 19 “Lockdown”, and all the usual comments about welcoming Spring seem irrelevant. We now find ourselves in an unprecedented situation with a whole new set of rules to live by. In these challenging times I have been greatly heartened by the strength of community spirit, which is clearly still alive and well in Pewsey and throughout the Vale. Neighbours, family and friends are looking out for each other and supporting those who are vulnerable and self-isolating.

Within days of the seriousness of the situation becoming apparent, the Pewsey Community Coronavirus Association (PCCA) had been set up, and is operating very efficiently, staffed by a strong team of dedicated volunteers from The Lunch Box premises (courtesy of Lisa and Mark).  Whilst this is not a Parish Council initiative, we are very supportive of it and are doing what we can to assist. Many thanks to all who signed up as volunteers, for all their hard work in answering phones, organising food parcels, collecting prescriptions, marshalling queues, raising funds, checking on the welfare of those living alone, and numerous other supportive acts.

Recently I came across the following poem, which I believe is extremely apt:

It`s not for money, It`s not for fame,

It`s not for any personal gain,

It`s just for love of fellow man,

It`s just to give a helping hand.

It`s your reward in your heart,

It`s a feeling that you`ve been a part,

Of helping others far and near,

That makes you want to


 Unfortunately, it is impossible to say when things might return to “normal”, and uncertainty can be very stressful. It is likely that all of us have had to wait in line somewhere, especially for the Co-op, the Post Office, or Boots. Whilst it can be frustrating, please remember that staff are doing their utmost to keep everyone safe whilst providing a service and that we should all do our best to remain patient and polite.  

However long we have to remain in “Lockdown”, I am confident that we will emerge from this uncertain period with an even stronger sense of community and a greater appreciation for the people around us and the countryside in which we live.

Take care everyone and keep safe.

Curly HaskellChairman, Pewsey Parish Council

There is a Food Fund available and if you would like to make a donation, please contact either the PCCA on 01672 487022 or the Parish Council on 01672 562014.